Using FCK Faces In Web Applications


This page documents the use of FCK Faces in your web applicatons, including the detailed instructions on configuring your application and the usage of the jsf component within you pages.

Configuring Your Application For FCK Faces

First, you need to add the FCK Faces Servlet in your web.xml. This servlet is needed to load the fckeditor resources. You must not change the servlet mapping url pattern.



If you like to provide a custom fckeditor configuration file you can define one by the following optional context parameter.
For additional information about fckconfig files see FCK Editor Wiki - Configuration File .


Using FCK Faces In Your Pages

After you properly configured you web application you can use the editor within your jsp or facelets pages as follows.

<fck:editor value="#{bean.text}" id="textEditor" toolbarSet="Default" width="100%" height="200"/>

But don't forget to import the taglib.